Regular Hirer scheme

The Regular Hirer scheme is available to groups which:

  • are run on a charitable, voluntary or non-profit basis, or by a self-employed tutor
  • will use Citizens House for at least once a month, for at least 8 months of the year. It’s preferable for your minimum hire to be 10 months/40 weeks, and it’s a huge help if we have your dates & holidays in advance.

If you were a paid-up Member of Citizens House when we closed for the rebuilding your Membership is valid until April 2020 and you have all the benefits of being in the Regular Hirer scheme.  If your group returns to the new Citizens House we’ll invite you to join the new scheme around March/April 2020.

Regular Hirer scheme benefits

  • 25% discount on the standard hourly rate
  • Free storage for the equipment your group uses at Citizens House (as space allows)
  • Ongoing help and support with publicising your event and activities, for example:
    • we can include your details on the Citizens House website, Facebook, Twitter and other online listings if required
    • we can include a special feature in the Citizens House newsletter sent out to our mailing list
  • Help with creating flyers and promotional materials for your activities and events
  • Printed notices for your events and activities displayed on all our noticeboards
  • Free Membership of Citizens House (more information to follow) for the group leader and one other group contact

Regular Hirer scheme cost

How often your group uses Citizens House Annual payment
Once a month (or 12 dates per year) £15
Twice a month (or 13-24 dates per year) £30
Three times a month (or 25-39 dates per year) £45
Once a week (40 + dates a year) £60

Your first invoice will include the annual payment for the Regular Hirer scheme. If the booking frequency for your event increases (eg you were originally planning to book 12 times a year, but this turns out to be 30 times) we will ask you for an additional fee. Any questions please contact

Groups in the Regular Hirer scheme are asked to abide by the Citizens House Terms & Conditions of Booking. These include:

  • prompt payment of hire invoices
  • leave all rooms and facilities as you find them
  • give 48 hours notice of cancellation

If you decide to discontinue your regular hire, or if you book fewer times a year than you originally planned, the annual payment is non-refundable.