Regular Hirer scheme

The Regular Hirer scheme is designed to support those who make repeat bookings at Citizens House either on a voluntary or non-profit basis (eg hobby & leisure activities, support groups) or by self-employed tutors (eg fitness classes, health and wellbeing, craft sessions).

How it works: the Regular Hirer pays an annual fee, in return for a 25% discount on the standard hire charges at Citizens House, and other benefits. We will invite you to renew when you’ve been in the scheme for a year (the renewal period will be extended in view of Citizens House being temporarily closed due to COVID-19).

If you were a paid-up Member of Citizens House when we closed for rebuilding in summer 2018, your ‘historic’ Membership benefits expired at the end of March 2020 at which time we would normally have invited you to join the Regular Hirer scheme. However, due to the temporary closure of Citizens House for COVID-19, the fee will be due in September 2020.

Level How often you book Citizens House Regular Hirer Scheme
annual payment
Level 1 up to 12 bookings per year (for example monthly meetings and short courses) £15
Level 2 13-24 bookings per year (eg twice monthly meetings) £30
Level 3 25-39 bookings per year (eg if you run 3 x 10 week courses a year) £45
Level 4 40+ bookings per year (eg weekly, twice weekly or more often) £60

Frequently asked questions

Q1 What do I get in return for the annual fee?

  • 25% discount on the standard hire charges for your regular activity and related one-off events (see Q8 below)
  • Help with publicising your events and activities, for example:
    • details maintained on the Citizens House website, Facebook page and other online listings
    • inclusion in Citizens House newsletters and mailing lists
    • creation of flyers and promotional materials if required
    • printed notices on Citizens House noticeboards
  • Free Membership of ‘Citizens House CIO’ (there is no Membership scheme at present – details of a new scheme available soon).
  • Storage for the items needed for your regular activity at Citizens House. However, our shared storage space is limited and we have to consider the needs of the many groups that use Citizens House. What we can offer depends on what items you have, how long you want to store them, and the space we have available. Your own insurance must cover any items you keep at Citizens House; Citizens House cannot take responsibility for any items you keep on the premises.

Q2 I want to start by running a few ‘taster sessions’ to see what the interest is, and don’t know whether it’s cheaper for me to join the Regular Hirer Scheme from the outset, or just to pay the standard rate and no annual fee.

For two or three bookings it’s probably not worth you joining the Scheme but we are happy to do a comparison for you.

Q3 What if I’ve paid my annual fee to join the Regular Hirer Scheme, but then decide to stop running my class part way through the year?

The annual payment is non-refundable.

Q4 I’ve paid £15 for Level 1 in the Regular Hirer Scheme for what I thought would be monthly workshops. But the demand has increased, and I’d like to put on two workshops each month for the rest of the year. What happens about the annual fee?

The Reguar Hirer Scheme is flexible so we will simply ‘top up’ the annual fee to the appropriate level as needed, on your next invoice. Your ‘start month’ for the purposes of the annual fee will be the month you first joined at Level 1. 

Q5 My weekly class at Citizens House is a brand new venture for me! Because I am uncertain whether it’s going to be well-attended in the longer term, I am reluctant to commit to £60 for the whole year (I’ve seen that the fee is not refundable).

In order to benefit from the discounted rate, you would normally pay the full annual fee up front at the time you join the Regular Hirer Scheme (£60 per year for Level 4/weekly bookings). However if you have concerns, you could request to join at Level 1 (£15 a year for up to 12 bookings) and top up every month until you’ve paid £60 (assuming your class is still running). Your ‘start month’ for the purposes of the annual fee will be the month you first joined.  

Q6 What are my obligations, as Regular Hirer?

All we ask is that you keep to the standard Booking Conditions, which include giving us 48 hours notice of cancellation and keeping us informed well in advance of any holiday dates, paying  invoices promptly, and leaving the areas you’ve used as you find them.

Q7 How do I pay?

We  issue an invoice at the start of each month for the previous month’s hire. Payment is due by the 14th of the month. Regular Hirer Scheme fee: your first invoice after joining the scheme will include the annual fee (and top-up fees if applicable). 

Q8 I’m in the Regular Hirer Scheme and I want to book the main hall for a family birthday party – will this be at the discounted rate?

The discounted rates apply to your regular class/activity or related one-off events, rather than to you as an individual. So for a family birthday party this would just be the standard rate.